It’s ok to have questions!


Can I participate if I’m a student?

Of course!

This challenge is open to anyone with an interest in architectural representation and visualization who wishes to practice and improve their skills.

Your geographical location, age, previous experience… none of that matter, as long as you are passionate about graphic representation and willing to take on this challenge.

Can we participate as a team?

Yes. You can participate individually or in pairs (teams of 2 people).

Can I register multiple times?

You can only submit one proposal per registration. If you want to submit multiple proposals you can, but you’ll need to register as many times as proposals you want to submit.

At what time of the day is the submission deadline?

All dates are expressed in GMT-7 times. Deadlines will be at 23:59 on the dates specified on the calendar.


What file formats are accepted?

For briefs that require an image submission the file formats accepted are .JPG and .PNG. For briefs that require a video submission the only accepted format will be .MP4.

How can I be sure my file was successfully uploaded?

If you file was successfully uploaded you should be able to see a miniature version of it when you navigate back to the submissions page. If you do not see your image that means we did not receive it and you should try uploading it again.

For submissions that are not in image format you will not see a miniature but the name of the uploaded file instead.