Waves – water, people and sound
by Dragomir Maistru and Mariana Popescu

This project was submited to the 002 competition with Registration ID #1652

Detailed information/workflow about the image

It took us some time to choose an idea for the program since we had no limitations other than the site, but after that the process went a little easier. We came up with the name Waves of water, people and sound and then we kinda knew that the building would have be wavy to fit this theme. We made some rough hand sketches of how it might look like and chose to develop a sketch of the main facade that you can see in the rendering we submitted. After that its pretty straightforward we modeled the shape and the site in revit, then we exported the whole thing in illustrator to make the presentation. We also made the rendering in lumion because we thought the whole thing would look nice from this angle :). We weren't sure how many steps our diagram would have to have but it came down to these 4 as we simplified the proces along the way, we had other versions of the building which were somewhat more complicated and it took more steps to illustrate, but the diagramatic approach helped us reduce and distill it into what we've submitted. Hope you like it!:) It was fun and we've learned a little bit about our presentation teamwork skills