Voice of River
by Aditi Shrivastava and D Keerthana Reddy

This project was submited to the 002 competition with Registration ID #1847

Detailed information/workflow about the image

Our journey began with a desire of proposing a unique structure. As we brainstormed, we landed on the idea of approaching the given site in a unique manner. Inspired by the Kaveri River Water Dispute (India), we decide to dedicate a structure that addresses the issue of river pollution and other complications rivers face due to urbanization, thus assuming that the river given on site is ill maintained and polluted. Our next step was the zoning process which was done through sketches alongside of which we developed on the sequence of the diagrams.
Before jumping onto the softwares, we made a mood board with a vision of how to represent our ideas. We wanted to move away from our usual style representation through pastel colours and instead challenge us to a limited palette.
Next was the software part. We established a basic formwork on CAD to maintain uniformity in diagrams since 2 of us were working on them simultaneously.
Finally, we reached the most awaited stage of the entire process. In photoshop we played with different values and line weights to bring out the desired result. We tried to keep the diagrams minimal and used text to convey the meaning and the story behind the spaces.