Tropical Brutalist
by Layout: created from Sketchup file, credits from Project Unbuilt/ Topical tree elements: credits from pngTree website ( Human figure elements: credits from nonscandinavia website (, Mr.cutout website (, skalgubbar website (, and escalalatina website (

This project was submited to the 001 competition with Registration ID #629

Detailed information/workflow about the image

The building I choose is FAU-USP since I was drawn by the feeling it is giving me. The utilization of raw material creates a strong presence and monumentality of a school. The blend between exterior and interior, which leaves zero dead-ends in the architecture, embodies the quality of openness and brutality.

In short, I aimed to visualize a distinctive integration of the inner and outer of the large-scale concrete architecture, respectively the eternal shared experience and the tropical landscape of Brazil. Imagining being a student in the school, I placed the perspective as a sitting position on the floor with his/her mates, observing the different flows in the vast space.

I investigated the building thoroughly, find the essence that appealed to me the most, created the layout from the SketchUp file and edited everything in Photoshop. During the process, I tried to generate this contrast between the concrete and the tropical weather (warmness) in Brazil by trying out different colours, light, plants/trees, etc. This is a unique feeling of Brazilian Brutalism architecture that I really wanted to show.