by Kaina Maurice

This project was submited to the 001 competition with Registration ID #582

Detailed information/workflow about the image

First, I did some research on the building, the architect and his style to come up with my concept which is "The Floating Rock". I wanted to put the emphasis on the massive roof structure that houses the design studio and classrooms, supported by double trapezoid pilotis.

So I used Sketchup to make my scene and once I was satisfied with the camera angle, I used TwilightRender, a plugin in Sketchup to have a basic render of the model then I Send it to Photoshop where I added the textures, people, vegetation, etc. For the windows and vegetation, I used some picture references and remodelled the parking space in front of the building as a park that could be used as a gathering space for the students.

To give the impression that the building is floating, I played on the horizontality of the roof and made the ground reflective to have a parallel continuity between the roof and the ground. I decided to go for a collage style and used a pastel color scheme of orange, yellow and blue/green, to give the overall image a warm atmosphere. And, for the final touch I used a Camera Raw Filter.