The Essence of Collaboration
by Chris Briggs

This project was submited to the 001 competition with Registration ID #544

Detailed information/workflow about the image

I began by researching the USP FAU, particularly looking into Villanova Artigas' key concepts for his design. I found these to be; collaboration, conversation, Brazilian modernism and spatial continuity. To show the essence of the building in a single image the integration of these concepts was vital. I chose the composition of the conjoining ramps as it shows the linking of all levels to create one single plane of conversation and collaboration. This shot also shows the unique brutalist roof design of the USP FAU. With brutalism being a key movement in Brazilian modernism I wanted to highlight this. I also chose this shot for its pleasing pyramidal composition accentuated by the handrail.

I took my base render from Lumion then also rendered in Twinmotion to take certain features that Lumion could not produce like the texture and reflection of the floor. I also rendered an outlined image from Lumion. From here I solely used Photoshop, first perfecting and detailing the base image before taking on a post-digital collage style. I added warmth and a sense of context with the volumetric light beaming through the ceiling. Finally, I arranged the cutouts in a triangular composition, complementary to that of the shot.