the details are in the eyes
by AhmedZJ

This project was submited to the 001 competition with Registration ID #705

Detailed information/workflow about the image

so my main concept was to show the whole building in one picture and you see that in this picture it shows you the inner details of the interior the ramp, the colorful walls and the depth of the space ect and it shows the exterior as well the texture of the main facade and the colorful plants and the depth of the shadows that goes in and out of the space. I used lumion as my rendering program because I think the newest version does render very well better than the past versions. i used vray and twin motion but the best result was lumion 11. I went to photoshop and lightroom to tweak it some more to help show you what I envisioned and what i had in mind. thank you for this creative competition it was pretty fun working on it.