by Vasilis Eliopoulos

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the 002 competition. Registration ID #1644

Detailed information/workflow about the image

Site’s Characteristics:

The project takes place in the northern hemisphere in a regular climate of not so cold nor warm weather. The main observation that has been made from the site’s surroundings is the very orthogonal way of the development of the blocks in a strict grid and the only natural element that stands out, is the river and the forest across our intervention area that gives a point of relaxation from the whole structured environment of the city.

Concept explanation:

The project has been decided to be a mixed-use building with a public and a private programme. The public programme placed at the lower floors and shaped referenced to the river’s shape to keep this organic element that exists in the area. Also followed the conversion of a public park, emphasizing on the connection between the given site and the river’s area across making it easier to be adapted and give something extra to the whole area. On the other hand, for the residential part of the project, it will consist of rectangle modular units stack one on top of the other keeping this element of the strict orthogonal development of the blocks found in the area. In addition, by removing some units some interstitial spaces are created to not prevent visual connection between the existing buildings and the river making the residential part like a curtain wall, these interstitial spaces will be green open public spaces between the private residential units. Finally, the upper floors are rotated more from the west side and less from the east one to give a sense of motion towards the river.

software used:
Rhino/Grasshopper+3ds max - for the 3d model
illustrator + photoshop - for the details

dimensions:5420px x 2000px