by @budimanazrial and

This project was submited to the 001 competition with Registration ID #566

Detailed information/workflow about the image

for the first step, looking for which characteristic that can represent the most FAU USP building, and make decision there is 3 thing "massive","cold" and "warm" at the same time, massive was from the building itself, instead cold and warm was found because of materials characteristic and warm was from activity that happening inside the building, and for the next step, looking for the camera angle, at this step looking for which angle that can present massive,cold,and warm at the same time, at first there not only one scene that can represent it but at the end i decide it with this scene/angle that can feel cold and massive more, instead warm was only inside the building ( room ), next step was modeling, because of already researching or looking for reference what kind of room for this angle, so i just look for furniture model that i feel like on model nothing much at this step, next step was rendering using lumion, at rendering something i always start at materials, while looking for material reference and FAU USP building real photo and also video, just looking for which setting that when people look at this photo they can feel, massive, cold, and warm. after the material done next one is lightning for interior, because of the contrast concept which is cold and warm at the same time so i need to adjust lightning that dont overlap both of characteristic, after lightning next step is post production on photoshop at first rendering the feeling cold was kinda lukewarm so need to adjust it more to make it more colder for exterior, and for the interior little bit of adjustment to make it more warm, and change the sky background.