by Sofya Savenkova

This project was submited to the 001 competition with Registration ID #506

Detailed information/workflow about the image

Before starting to generate ideas of how I see the final render, I started with research into the site, context, and concept of the buildings and the country it was built in. A big part of the research was looking into the political, economical and social context of the location and seeing how it transformed during times. This helped me to understand how I see the final image and what I would like to highlight and represent in it. The render illustrates the reality and reflections of the site that people have to deal with every day and how the building is in a way an epicentre of these events. Through different times a lot of different activities take place, different people with different intentions come, but the building still stands at the same place, being the centre and midpoint of the educational, cultural and political focus of the site. I use Rhino for 3D modelling, after I apply materials and explore the model in Enscape, that allows me to get a good quality image in a fast way. The rendering engine I use only for applying materials, leaving all post-production, including adding all context and people in Photoshop. This project took me around 6-7 hours in Photoshop but allowed me to achieve an image with a unique aesthetic that represents the building, the context and the main idea I put into it.