by Edoardo Ferrari &
Klaudia Gulik

This project was selected as the Winner by the jury of the 002 competition. Registration ID #1591

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Does the perfect land exist? Can human existence be free of suffering, war, hunger and illness?

The answer lies in an ancient Guarani mythology concept of territory and social space that the indigenous people of South America sought under portuguese colonisation circumstances in the mid 1500s. Their migration was in fact led by the prophetic tone of such land, in hope for a better place where one could finally settle and rest.

Now right in the place where their ancestors flew from slavery centuries ago, lies the utopian land the people migrated to seek for. The forest just ahead comes through the porous filter of the mixed use building, that mirrors the river open to welcome everyone on its banks and underwater.

While the functions on the inside of the building reflect the surroundings complementarily, the outside was designed as a place for conviviality.
The center welcomes visitors whereas the corners connect to the functions they face.

The softwares used to create our work are Rhinoceros i the first place, followed by Illustrator and Photoshop.