Green Art Gallery
by Yes, I would like this image to be credited with my name (Nicolas CHONVILLE) and my status as a French student in my 3rd year at the Faculty of Architecture in Liège, Belgium.

This project was submited to the 002 competition with Registration ID #2012

Detailed information/workflow about the image

For the realization of this competition, the project I am submitting to you represents a "Green Art Gallery".

The concept is to create a relationship between the built space and the context, which is an important part of the project because it will allow the different exhibitions that the building will host to come to life.

Indeed, the grid allows for the creation of a succession of interstitial green spaces that will serve as an architectural walk through the building. In addition, these spaces will allow the creation of numerous plays of light that will bring life to the different spaces that make up the art gallery.

In conclusion, this is an art gallery that promises visitors a unique experience throughout the day thanks to the different spaces that evolve in concert with the sun.

For this project I used the following software: SketchUp (for the creation of the 3D model), Illustrator (for the different arrows) and Photoshop (for the final layout of the project).