Free for Creativity

This project was submited to the 001 competition with Registration ID #849

Detailed information/workflow about the image

I used the program 'Enscape' to proceed with the work. After investigating the building and the architect, I decided to keep the fact that it is a classroom for students of architecture.
Instead, he worked on the internal program, thinking about it.
Architecture students, the main users of buildings, need high creativity and concentration.
So, I thought the most important part of this building was creativity, openness, and continuity of space, and I tried to express it well.
Through the lamps that connect the entire floor, people can communicate, and depending on the floor height, classrooms or rest areas can be prepared to use the high floor height more efficiently.
In the main hall connected to the first floor, not only architecture students but also local residents and young students will visit to experience various experiences and use it as an open space for lectures.
Finally, the interior of the building has chosen colors that provide stability to the human eye, along with natural lighting coming through the skylights, and green plants are placed on concrete walls that may feel cold to provide warmth and provide visual stability.
As a result, the building will be transformed into a creative building that is open for all, harmonizing creativity, openness and communication.