This project was submited to the 002 competition with Registration ID #1667

Detailed information/workflow about the image

'Concept' phase is the most significant part of a design process. With diagrams we can visualize our idea in its purest form.
There were abandoned viaduct piers in Alsancak Port,İzmir. Ever since I was a child, every time I saw these piers, I wondered what could be done here. This area overlooked a beautiful sea view. I thought maybe a public social space could be created here by using these piers. To start something good we can re-use what we have. Thus, I visualized the design phase of a social space by explaining this area, the foundation of which was built by viaducts, with diagrams step by step. This is how 'Foundation' concept born.
I completed the plans of the area on Autocad, the modeling phase on Sketchup Pro 2018 and the coloring processes on Photoshop 2021.