by FAU USP Exploded Diagram By Iker O. @Iker.o_

This project was submited to the 001 competition with Registration ID #713

Detailed information/workflow about the image

The creation of this image went trough different programs and steps.

Starting with the 3D model in Sketchup, different section cuts were placed on the model to see which displayed the best interiors and still show different facades and materiality. All in an isometric scene.

Once both section cuts were stablished, clay renders were made with V-ray as well as linework and render channels, once all these elements were ready, workflow started in Ai where lines and renders were placed in the composition of the image to see the best fit and position of each element, then different lines and texts were placed to finish the Ai process.

Finally the Black and white image was imported to Ps to add colors, concrete textures, shadows, and different elements such as human scales, vegetation and other ambient elements, as well as texts and final image touches.

This image went trough a very meticulous process where every detail of the image was taken care of in order to display each element in a proper way, the whole image respects and represents the project accordingly to it. Displaying not only the interiors but also the facades, materiality, construction elements and it's surroundings, this image successfully shows the very best of the project FAU USP.