FAU USP | A Space for Archi Students
by Ekin Meşe, FAU USP | A Space for Archi Students, 2021

This project was submited to the 001 competition with Registration ID #496

Detailed information/workflow about the image

I picked up this building because it was the least familiar one to me, so i wanted to get familiar with it. Before developing my scene, I did research to learn the characteristics of this building. After I completed my research, I thought it would be nice to get inside to the massive brutal structure through the space that connects all the spaces within to other spaces both inside and outside of the building. While designing the scene, I first needed a nice frame that involves all the significant elements of the building. Therefore, I opened up sketch up, aligned the curves and exported my scene as lines. Then I played with them in Illustrator, painted and fixed some parts. I did not prefer to use some rendering softwares because they sometimes limit me, and what I wanted to create was a comic scene so realism was not a criteria during my process. After Illustrator, I surrendered myself to photoshop, and completed the rest of the process there. To tell a story, I prefered to use speech bubbles to make it more comic-like, so that I can express the stduents' feelings and observations during that moment. This gave the composition life. One last point to mention, the composition is in greyscale. As the building is majorly composed of concrete, the sense of grey was strong. I preferred not to use colors, but tones of grey to emphasize the shade-shadow conditions as well as sense of depth. I tried to create contrast by using white on the surfaces/spaces where it lacks concrete and the color grey.