Architectural Vizualization of Crown Hall
by Shiva J

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the 001 competition. Registration ID #695

Detailed information/workflow about the image

The essense of building is symmetry,rhythm,its simplicity in exterior and it blending with the enviroment. So my idea is to show the building's beauty of symmetry and rhythm in full landscape scale compostion.The equal proportion of building and natural enviroment is carried out with golden spiral proportion to showcase the buidling and its envriroment.To carry out the essence of the building in the visualization process rule of third is used in composition of image to carry out the image symmetry and proportion.A story is created in the process of visualization-Autumn rainy evening with fallen leaves on the ground with warm colours and a man standing in the platform focusing the building.The position of the man with an activity is placed at the focal point of gold spiral where the viewers attention falls on the activity in relation to the building(in this scene i choose a man standing taking in the phone looking at the builing in a rainy autumn evening).Depth of field is used to emphasize entrance and surroundings so that the image gathers the viewers attention to the building and story created around.This is my thought process,techiniques,concept used to create this composition.Software used are Sketchup,3dsmax,Corona render,photoshop.