by Paige Low Kye Lyn

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the 001 competition. Registration ID #595

Detailed information/workflow about the image

Chiaroscuro is the technique in visual arts using the contrasts between light and shadow.

In the beginning when I was researching the building I realised Khan placed a lot of emphasis on daylighting as he intended to light the building with an entirety of daylight. Khan had intended to use the movement of the sun to his advantage to show the building in a different light as he quotes:
“On a gray day it will look like a moth; on a sunny day like a butterfly”
I decided to use the contrasts in the daylight shone through the building as my main concept of the piece. I used Sketchup as my 3D software and explored the 3D model to find a simple view that doesn't have that much in the scene in order to focus on the light that projected onto the room and the subjects. I used Vray to render the scene using the materials already provided in the kit and model.
I felt that the style that best conveyed my idea was photorealism and with that intention, most of the post production was done in photoshop. I first established the background using the light projected on the wall, the middle ground as the paintings and the foreground as the girl. This not only adds depth but additionally it allows the viewer to explore the scene and experience the different effects of light on the elements in the scene. I enhanced most of the materials by overlaying different textures and minor imperfections to enhance the photorealistic style. Finally I adjusted the scene to a warmer tone to express a classic yet mellow atmosphere.