Blank Canvas
by Tiffany Aleanna Lim and Christian Vistal

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the 001 competition. Registration ID #723

Detailed information/workflow about the image

A blank canvas is an empty space that is meant to be filled up with expressions and ideas.

And just like a blank canvas, the FAU-USP serves as a place for people of all kinds, not being limited, to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and dreams.

The open spaces of the building encourages collaboration and conversation through any activity, which shows its flexibility of design to diverse people.

There are no entrance doors or small spaces, the intention being the generation of a space in where you can perform any activity that you need to.

FAU-USP is described as a place of practice and learning for its students. The building fulfills its purpose to be practice ground for expression.

Though, along with practice and expression also comes being dirty and used. Just like the creative process of artists, honing their skills and creating draft after draft, before the artists finally create masterpieces.

Our workflow started from detailing the model from Sketch up, focusing on where the lights are placed based on the existing site, and further rendering it on Vray. After the render was finished, we used Photoshop for our post-process, bringing to life the mood and story we want our image to deliver.

Most of the rendering process for this project was done in Photoshop and was rendered raw in Vray. Lastly, we used a lot of exported textures and cutouts for the entourage.