A Jewel in city center – an architecture school

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the 002 competition. Registration ID #1819

Detailed information/workflow about the image

The building I proposed is an architecture school that not only serve as a place for nurturing generations of architects but also serve as a public space that people can enjoy

I start by analyzing the site, such as the height of neighbouring buildings, circulation etc. The first step is to build up the volume of the space.

Then, I divide it into two parts and pull up the left to align with its surrounding building. This ensures it would not affect the air circulation and blend into the surroundings.

Afterwards, I would like to bring the park into the site by taking away part of the box to include a park connecting the existing park of the river.

Finally, the box shape building has divided into slices, and they slide over to create a staircase slope. This has taken reference from Harvard Gund Hall, which I hope the outdoor spaces created at each level can provide public spaces for people to relax in their hectic architecture learning career.

The building consists of 5 floors. The ground floor is the crit space, which serves as an exhibition space for people to visit and gather. The first floor is where the workshops and laboratories are located at. The upper three floors are studios situated far away from the main road to provide a pleasant working environment for students and researchers.

Rhino is used to build up the 3D model of the design, and illustrator is used for the making of the diagram.