by Arkiviss.Denmar ig:@arkiviss.denmar

This project was submited to the 001 competition with Registration ID #816

Detailed information/workflow about the image

Sau Paulo University's essence is it's main atrium that is a catalyst for conversation and a depiction of openness. This proves that Architecture can connect people and provide spaces for growth.

The Workflow:

First, I reviewed all the buildings and picked one that connected to me emotionally, which is Sau Paulo University. Then, read about the architecture and it's main purpose. After knowing some information, I went ahead and visualized the image that fits the emotion of the readings I read.

The Visualization Process:

My visualization process starts in Sketchup by setting up the scene and rendering it on VRay. After rendering all the necessary render information, the process continues in Adobe Photoshop. In there, I place people and put effects to make the necessary effect I want. The last touch I personally do with my images is to add noise (or grain) to make the image more cohesive.

The Image:

As a photography enthusiast, I know that framing is very important. In this image, I maximized the ramp to frame the view to the atrium. The slight angle also made the image dynamic and panoramic with its 16x9 frame ratio.