Architectural visualization

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Project : Unbuilti is a platform that aims to push boundaries of architectural visual representation by proposing carefully thought challenges to help you practice and improve your skills

If you look up the definition of architecture on a dictionary it will read something like “the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings”.

Architecture used to be all about building stuff, but not anymore. In today’s fast changing, highly digital world, the first part of that definition, designing, outweighs the second part, constructing, by a lot. For every building that is built, hundreds, if not thousands of designs are created, and for each of those an endless number of drawings, floorplans, sections, renders, etc. need to be created.

It used to be that a few technical drawings would be enough to convey your ideas to a client, but with the increase in competition and the shift from drawing boards to computers that isn’t the case anymore. Clients today expect to “see” a building before it’s built, they want to “feel it” and “experience it”, without having to understand a section or other technical drawings.

How we present a project has become just as important as the project itself, and as architects we should be paying at least equal attention to it. Only by presenting our ideas in a careful, intentional, meaningful way, we will be able to stand out from the crowd and give the observer a glimpse of what’s inside our minds, our dreams and our visions.

As true as this might be, its always hard to break with the old ways, and many of us still spend 95% of the time working on a project, and only a quick 5% a couple hours before our deadline,

on the presentation. And how could we not? After all most architecture schools still teach nothing about presentation, about how to convey emotion with your drawings or how to tell a story with our presentation.

Project:Unbuilt is here to change that, to give you the opportunity to learn and practice your representation and presentation skills. Whether you are an architecture student, professional architect, illustrator, 3D modeler or a simple enthusiast of the graphic arts, we hope our challenges help you grow in your field and become better at presenting your work.

At this point you might be thinking: Here comes yet another video course… but we have something different in mind!

Every couple of months we will be challenging you and the rest of our community with a short project, framed as a healthy competition that will make it impossible for you to procrastinate and will also allow you to learn, not from us, but from a community of equally motivated people, from all over the world.

Each of our exercises is carefully crafted to make you explore an important part of architectural representation, from the largest scale so the tiniest detail.

Challenge yourself, never settle, always keep learning, join us in this journey through the amazing world of architectural visual representation. You won’t regret it!